Maximizer CRM Live

Maximizer CRM Live is a powerful business productivity solution which is easy to deploy, use and maintain. With its award-winning features, robust platform, easy deployment and affordable monthly subscription model it provides powerful productivity in the cloud

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Because it is a cloud-based solution, there is little technical expertise required and no need to manage and maintain complex hardware infrastructure. The result is a cost-effective solution that promises to deliver a quick ROI (return on investment), while freeing your company to focus on its core competencies.

For over 20 years, Maximizer® CRM has been the on-premise solution of choice for small to medium-sized businesses and divisions of large enterprises. It is now also available through a web-based monthly subscription. Maximizer CRM Live is a powerful business productivity solution that is easy to deploy, use and maintain. With its award-winning features, robust platform, easy deployment and affordable monthly subscription model, it combines a proven, powerful CRM solution with the simplicity and ease of working in the cloud.

  • Quick Deployment: Simple set-up means you can be up and running within hours from the time of subscription. With little need for customisation out-of-the-box and no software to install or complicated technology server setup, you can begin transforming your business right away.
  • Simplicity: Using your Web browser, Maximizer CRM Live is easy- to-use, with little technical expertise required and no need to manage and maintain complex hardware infrastructure.
  • Choice & Flexibility: Maximizer CRM Live is built on the same data model as Maximizer CRM’s on-premise solution, giving you the choice and flexibility to migrate from one deployment option to another as your business requirements change, with minimal technical requirements and without any data loss.
  • Low Upfront Costs and Better Operating Expense Predictability: Hosting data and applications in the cloud eliminates the up-front investment in software licenses, operating system licenses, databases, servers, backup equipment, etc. With subscription pricing, your capital expenditure is turned into predictable operating expenses.
  • Automatic Feature Upgrades: Benefit from the latest feature enhancements and upgrades for Maximizer CRM Live as soon as they are available.
  • Secure & Robust platform: Powered by Microsoft® Windows Azure™ – Maximizer CRM Live is built on a scalable, load-balance robust platform, with a 99.5% uptime guarantee.
Maximizer CRM Live makes it easy for your large or small business teams to collaborate and work with customers more effectively through proper time and task management, communications, Microsoft® Outlook and Office integration and document management.

  • Document the entire history of each customer’s lifecycle — tracking conversations, transactions and incidents to help deliver greater value over time.
  • Schedule appointments, meetings and your work and personal time effectively with Maximizer CRM’s integrated business calendar. Time management has never been easier for small to medium-sized businesses.
  • Plan a series of tasks with Action Plans to a consistent set of best practices and ensure nothing slips through the cracks.
  • Use Action Plan templates to manage projects, sales activities, or lead follow-up processes.

Sales force automation (SFA) with Maximizer CRM Live helps sales managers and executives and their teams exceed revenue targets with sales opportunity management, monitoring and forecasting.

  • Stay updated on team, territory and individual performance, ensuring accountability and the required level of motivation within your sales organization. Keep tabs on your biggest deals by staying alerted to important changes in their status.
  • Apply sophisticated, custom methodologies to better manage unique opportunities, or take advantage of simple Action Plans and built-in templates that keep straightforward deals moving ahead.
  • Automatically assign leads and accounts based on territory rules ensuring that high potential opportunities flow to the appropriate teams and reps.

With a built-in email campaign engine, integrated with sales and service management, generate more targeted leads and close the loop with sales.

  • Target customers and prospects quickly with relevant content using easy profiling and list management.
  • Set-up automated processes for lead management, such as automatically responding to web inquiries with a series of emails and alerting the appropriate sales representative to follow up. Collect data from web forms directly into Maximizer CRM Live, including any custom fields.
  • Automatically calculate campaign ROI — instantly see conversion rates, evaluate the cost of customer acquisition and interpret response rates to focus on what’s working.
  • Track the progression and outcome of opportunities by campaign to determine the link between targeted marketing and closed deals.

Track, escalate and resolve customer service incidents. Effectively optimise service resources and frontline service representatives to dramatically increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Track, escalate and resolve customer service issues received through any incoming channel (phone, email or web) to ensure follow-through on every interaction.
  • Resolve issues faster with a central repository of critical customer case details and a knowledge base of common incident resolutions.
  • Deliver timely service by automatically notifying reps of new case assignments and overdue cases.
  • Analyse case queues to ensure customer satisfaction and retention remains high.

With Maximizer CRM Live put actionable insight into the hands of sales, marketing and service managers and executives. Key performance metrics and status reports enable you to solve problems, seize opportunities and refine everyday processes.

  • Gain actionable insight by checking your personalized dashboard for a visual snapshot of sales leads, opportunities and account status.
  • Enhance your insight further by drilling down to view the data behind the metrics in a detailed list that can be formatted, sorted and exported to Excel.
  • Analyse opportunities and adjust strategy accordingly with instant reports that deliver insight through sales pipeline funnels, lead summaries and forecast analysis.
  • Gain a clear view of your overall service record with real-time access to critical customer service metrics through the dashboard.

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Streamline & Organisation

Maximizer CRM centralises customer information to organise, automate and streamline business processes, helping organisations to reduce costs while understanding, anticipating and responding to customers needs in real time.

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Growth & Retention

As your business grows, you need to enable staff collaboration to attract more prospects, increase sales and retain loyal customers. To grow your business and continue to service your existing customers effectively, you need Maximizer CRM.

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Service & Information

Whether you have Maximizer CRM on-premise or in the cloud, Maximizer CRM allows sales, marketing and customer service staff to make quick, informed decisions, manage contacts, increase sales and improve customer retention by delivering reliable customer and prospect insight.

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