Maximizer CRM Editions

Maximizer CRM 12 comes in four flavours. Whether you're business start-up or an enterprise organisation Maximizer CRM has a product to fit your needs.

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Instantly see all your reports and KPI's

Customer Timeline

One view to see ALL customer interactions

Web Lead Capture

Increase the flow of new sales leads

Optimized for iPad

Help your team go mobile

Linkedin Integration

Build dynamic social profiles

Mobile CRM for SmartPhones

iPhone, Android & BlackBerry®

Sales Force Automation

Manage your entire sales process more efficiently

Automated Email Campaigns

Send out newsletters or offers

Customer Service

Provide post sales support for products & services

Business Productivity

Email, tasks & calendar integration with Outlook®

Business Intelligence

Dashboards, Crystal, SQL & Web Reports

Workflow Automation

Business activity monitoring & alerting

Microsoft & SQL Support

Support for Word, Excel, Outlook & SQL Server

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Streamline & Organisation

Maximizer CRM centralises customer information to organise, automate and streamline business processes, helping organisations to reduce costs while understanding, anticipating and responding to customers needs in real time.

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Growth & Retention

As your business grows, you need to enable staff collaboration to attract more prospects, increase sales and retain loyal customers. To grow your business and continue to service your existing customers effectively, you need Maximizer CRM.

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Service & Information

Whether you have Maximizer CRM on-premise or in the cloud, Maximizer CRM allows sales, marketing and customer service staff to make quick, informed decisions, manage contacts, increase sales and improve customer retention by delivering reliable customer and prospect insight.

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